Middle & High School Youth

Messiah Church is committed to the overall development of faith lives. We believe that faith formation needs to incorporate content, community, and service. The Pre-confirmation (5th and 6th grades) Confirmation (6th – 8th grades) and Youth High School evenings are facilitated by the Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator Teresa Palumbo youth@messiahchurch.com as well as the pastor and other adult mentors.

Slowly and Safely Getting Back Together,

Here’s What’s Coming Up!

Summer Mission Trip for youth in grades 8-12.

All youth, in grades 8-12, are encouraged to join us for the summer mission trip. We are planning to serve in St. Louis, Missouri. These trips are a wonderful opportunity to build community and to explore service and mission. We also have a lot of fun! The cost is $150. Scholarships are available.

Spaces are limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible. All participants must be fully vaccinated. We will be following all local COVID guidelines.

For more information about YouthWorks and the St. Louis site, please visit  St. Louis, MO High School Mission Trip | YouthWorks . I am also happy to discuss the trip in more detail, contact Teresa at youth@messiahchurch.com.

Pre-Confirmation is a two-year program for students in 5th and 6th grades. Confirmation is a three-year program for students in 7th-9th grades.

We are working on ways to ensure safety through a blend of in-person and virtual programming. When in-person and in the building, masks will be required and social distancing observed. We plan to begin lessons in October.

To register, please go to https://forms.gle/SuPFjzS6RNAaqgq89

  • Our goal is to make the time spent together meaningful, engaging, and educational.
  • All the supplies the youth will need will be provided each month. Supply pick-up and mail delivery options will be available.
  • The cost for materials and supplies is $25. Checks can be made payable to Messiah Church. Scholarships are available. Please connect with Teresa about this opportunity.

Thank you for your patience and shared commitment on this journey.

Please contact Teresa Palumbo for more details and to register at youth@messiahchurch.com or 608.279.7460.

In-person Activity Nights:
The in-person night will include projects and activities  that are designed to create community and fellowship, We will follow all current safety guidelines, be socially distanced, and everyone will be required to wear a mask indoors. Everyone is welcome when we are in-person, but youth should participate at their and your family's comfort level.

Details about the YOW program, lessons, and schedule are attached as a pdf.

Please contact Teresa Palumbo for more details and to register at youth@messiahchurch.com or 608.279.7460.



Pre-confirmation and Confirmation are intended to be experiential learning processes, Using web based materials, evenings begin with a large group gathering using multi-media. The events are, scripturally rooted, and explored in depth throughout the year. The confirmation evenings are designed to help the middle school/high school students delve ever more deeply into:

  • the biblical foundations of faith
  • the history of the Christian Church
  • our Lutheran understanding of ministry and life
  • the liturgical symbols that inform our faith
  • the moral demands of belief in Jesus
  • reflection on the place of faith in their lives

We hope that your youth will join us this year for YOW. Challenging times are opportunities for growth and creative solutions and we feel we have both with our programming for this year. Listed below are details and the link to the google registration form.  For all of the details plus the schedule click here: Yow Information 

We hold lessons live via Zoom twice a month for 45 minutes. As you will see outlined below, 5-6 grade students will meet from 6-6:45 p.m. and 7-9th graders will meet from 7-7:45 p.m. Our time together will be a blend of large group lessons and small group discussions with fun and engaging activities woven in.

Please register as soon as possible to ensure that we have enough materials for October. I am happy to connect and answer questions, discuss the program, or just chat! I can be reached at 608.279.7460. Text or email are great as well. Please stay in touch and connected. We are in this together and for that, I am grateful.


A Time, A Plan, A Place (your home!): YOW encompasses both Preconfirmation and Confirmation.

  • Preconfirmation is a two-year program for 5th and 6thgraders.
  • Confirmation is a three-year program for 7th-9th graders.

Staying Connected Even Though We are Apart:
YOW is a relational ministry. Building relationships and connecting with the youth is key to encouraging faith formation and exploration. While the building is closed, YOW will stay connected remotely with live lessons two times a month via Zoom. (Zoom invite abd info will be provided)

  • Preconfirmation meets 6-6:45 p.m.
  • Confirmation meets 7-7:45 p.m.

Each evening will begin with a large group lesson (20 minutes) followed by small group breakout discussions (25 minutes).

On the Journey Together
Special circumstances call for creative plans. This year both Preconfirmation and Confirmation will be exploring the bible through topics and stories that highlight key themes such as spiritual gifts, justice, God’s faithfulness, love, kindness, perseverance, and forgiveness. We will walk with Deborah, Ruth, and in the footsteps of Paul. We will celebrate the birth of Christ and follow his ministry and journey to the cross.

Food & Faith

Jesus always loved a good meal and food plays an important role in his ministry. In fact, his first miracle was at a wedding feast. With this in mind, large group time will begin with a Food & Faith segment. Join me (and other leaders) in the kitchen for a a simple recipe/food prep demonstration that is connected to a faith lesson.

Small Groups:
Each week, youth will be split into small groups led by an adult leader. This is an opportunity to discuss the lesson but more importantly, to connect with one another. It is hard being on screens all day. With this in mind, we have activities planned that will get youth up and moving.

Creativity is the Holy Spirit at work! Doodling, journaling, and art projects are built in to each lesson to keep hands busy, so hearts and minds can be open during discussion time.

No need to stay still during discussions, just be present.

 Confirmation Memories

Although cold on Confirmation Day, the rain held off. Thank you to all our teachers and mentors who guided these students through the confirmation process.



    Becoming a person of faith is done within the context of the community. We believe that community building is essential to becoming disciples. The Confirmation process strives to build community through fun gatherings as well as instruction. Whether we are beginning the year with an old fashioned Tailgate party or heading out to Culvers for an ice cream Sundae, we are striving to become a community of faith.



    We believe at Messiah Church that faith formation must be experiential and that all formation must take place in the context of outreach. The Confirmation class has many oportunities throughout the three year process to put their faith into action. Here are some of the activities that the Confirmation youth have participated in:

    • Crop Walk for Hunger Awareness
    • Planning, Preparing and serving the Homeless Meal at the Madison Men’s Shelter
    • Volunteering at the Animal Shelter
    • Sorting donated items at St. Vincent de Paul
    • Collecting goods for Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
    • Raking leaves for the homebound
    • Volunteering as Sunday School mentor or teacher’s aid
    • Working as communion assistants, readers or acolytes
    • Participating on our yearly Youth Mission Trip


    These along with many other outreach activities help to form our Confirmation students into the people of faith that will make a difference in our church, our city and in our world.

    THE HIGH SCHOOL youth gather for breakfasts each month, outings for fellowship and outreach and participate in Mission Trips each summer to various sites through Youth Works https://www.youthworks.com/. Teresa Palumbo uses Social media to communicate with all our young people, including a closed Facebook page, texts and email list to keep the parents informed.