3 Year Olds

Families with a child who will be 3 years old by September 1st should receive a postcard by mid-August with some basic information about Sunday School. If you do not receive one, please contact Elizabeth.

First Communion & Sunday School

Our world continues to face challenges from COVID-19 and so we are holding our plans loosely.

We are simultaneously recruiting teachers and volunteers in anticipation of being together in the fall, while also following the CDC, the ELCA and the Madison School district for guidance. Certainly, vaccination rates, cases of COVID traced to the Delta variant and the ages eligible for vaccinations are factors everyone is considering.

As of now, our plan is to hold First Communion classes for 3rd graders in September and begin Sunday School in October (contact Elizabeth if you did not receive this information.) It is unlikely that we will serve food or sing for at least the first few months.

Sunday School Feedback:

In order to help us plan, Elizabeth recently sent an email asking for your non-binding thoughts about coming to Sunday School. If you have not done so yet, please email familyministry@messiahchurch.com re which of the following choices apply to your family. You may choose as many as apply.

_____     A. My children are not returning to Sunday School for reasons other than COVID (I can remove you from emails if you ask.)

_____     B. My children are not returning to Sunday School because of COVID and will not be back for the foreseeable future.

_____     C. My children are not returning to Sunday School because of COVID, but would attend if they could be vaccinated.

_____     D. My children would attend if masks and social distancing are NOT required.

_____     E. My children would attend if masks and social distancing ARE required.

_____     F. My children would come to Sunday School. COVID, as well as requirements around masks and social distancing, is not a factor.

_____     G. I would like my children to continue or start at-home Sunday School.

_____     H. My children will not attend Sunday School, but might attend outdoor Children’s & Family Ministry events (i.e.Trunk or Treat.)

_____     I. I cannot possibly think about this right now!

_____     J. Other (share your thoughts)

Your response is in no way binding. At the same time, there are no promises on our end to implement any scenario. 

For more information contact Elizabeth Crummy at familyministry@messiahchurch.com or by phone: 608-235-6910.