A Message From Elizabeth!
The at-home Sunday School bags are ready to be picked up. They are in the gathering space on and under the tables to the left when you come in the main doors.
Even if you picked up a bag already, I have a supplemental Advent bag for you. I was going to mail them, but it was going to be crazy expensive. Sorry about that…
All the crafts in the bag have to do with Advent–so save them until toward the middle of November when you will be emailed some videos that talk about Advent and demonstrate how to do the chain, ornaments, scratch off star and manger.
I also have emptied out the odds and ends of about 15 years worth of crafts so you are likely to have something else as well, or 2 of one craft!
Please take a look as not all the crafts will be appropriate for all ages–I did not have the flexibility to do as good a job on age specific bags like last year. So, yes, there are Advent pins and there may be some crafts that are too challenging.
And yes, there is glitter. 
If you are not a fan of glitter, set it aside until you have watched the ornament video and decide if you want to use something else or use it outside, etc. Generally speaking, there is one bag of glitter per family.
You will need liquid glue, a glue stick and string. If you do not have access to those items, please let me know.
Every bag has a registration from. No need to register if you already have.
Thank you to those who told me if you need a Story Bible or not. If you do not need one, please leave it in the office.
I hope you have fun!
Mountain of Clothing Drive

In the past, Sunday School has participated in building a Mountain of Clothes to benefit Kennedy Elementary School. Messiah is an Adopt a School partner through the Madison Public Schools Foundation for Kennedy, our neighborhood public school.

Now that most children are once again attending school in person, the Kennedy health office needs gently used children’s clothing to help out when clothes become wet or soiled throughout the day. Items that can flexibly fit such as sweatpants and T-shirts are most helpful. They are also planning ahead for winter needs such as coats, snow pants (especially for PK-2nd graders), waterproof mittens/gloves and boots. They also need brand new, unopened packages of socks and underwear for boys and girls. Children who attend Kennedy are aged 4 years old in Pre-Kindergarten through 11 years old in 5 grade and some children hit their growth spurt early, so some larger sizes are definitely helpful.

Something to know that makes this collection especially important is that the newest Madison Salvation Army shelter for homeless families is located in the former Karmenta Nursing Home which is in the Kennedy School area. Therefore, in addition to the donations requested above, many families are in need of clothing for everyday wear.

Please consider purchasing a few items or donating items that your children have outgrown and no longer need. The collection is on-going so keep it in mind as your children cycle through clothes.

Donations can be brought to Messiah and placed in the designated bin in the collection area. Thanks for considering this opportunity,