Faith formation are the practices and opportunities—such as praying, worshiping, learning, celebrating, and serving–that engage an entire community in lifelong Christian formation and ongoing spiritual growth. It is not a trendy program, a one-stop-shopping curriculum, or a quick fix.

Most of our synod congregations regularly engage members spanning six or more generations in worship and Christian education. The realities of social, technological, cultural and generational forces make Christian faith formation for all ages and generations challenging, but certainly not impossible. New approaches are moving beyond traditional age segmentation and linear formatting to encourage vibrant faith and 24/7 lifelong engagement of all ages.

John Roberto of Lifelong Learning Associates is a cutting-edge practitioner and scholar in this discipline. In his book Faith Formation 2020: Designing the Future of Faith Formation, Roberto explains his initiative and new way of practicing faith formation by exploring three key questions:

  1. What could faith formation in Christian churches look like in 2020?
  2. How can Christian congregations provide vibrant faith formation to address the spiritual and religious needs of all ages and generations over the next ten years?
  3. How can churches envision the shape of faith formation in the year 2020 and design initiatives to respond proactively to the challenges and opportunities in the second decade of the twenty-first century?

Our Synod Resource Center & Office for Children, Youth & Family are an intentional Center for Faith Formation, equipping leaders and congregations to grow in Christ. Through workshops, resource café gatherings, brown bag lunches, online resources, and exciting events featuring keynote speakers such as John Roberto and other leaders/practitioners, we are preparing congregational leaders to adapt and retool Christian faith formation.

Won’t you join us by discerning the future of Christian education and exploring new ways to address the spiritual needs in your context?

Faith Formation 2020: Designing the Future of Faith Formation, John Roberto, 2010.
Generations Together, Lifelong Learning Associates, John Roberto, 2014.
*Please note these resources are available in our Resource Center.

“This is what Yahweh asks of you – only this; to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God.”

-Micah 6:8