As a community of faith, Messiah Church believes that religious formation is a life-long process. From the moment we are born we are on a journey of discovery. At Messiah Church we offer multiple opportunities to aid in that journey of discovering who we are and whose we are. We trust that in conversation with each other, in prayer and discernment we blossom into the people of faith that God calls us to be.
When we see the way that God has loved us in Jesus through service and sacrifice, we are empowered to love others in this same way. This “self-emptying love” is just another name for God.Pastor Jeff Vanden Heuvel
We are a community committed to education of all ages. We offer continuous nursery during worship services Sunday morning. Sunday School is in session each Sunday morning of the school year. Confirmation Formation and High School youth activities happen year-round. Sacramental Preparation, Adult classes and Senior Adult Ministry form our birth through life commitment to deepen our understanding of self and of God.