Joan E. Shropshire Education Grant Fund

This fund has been created in memory of Joan E. Shropshire, who passed away July 18, 2015.
The Joan E. Shropshire Education Grant Fund has been created to provide a one-time educational assistance grant for those students pursuing higher education from an accredited college, university or technical school commencing with the fall semester.

Guidelines and Requirements
  1. Eligible students must have completed high school and/or received a high school equivalency certificate, such as a GED or related certificate.
  2. In order to be eligible for grant monies, applicant will be required to complete the Joan E. Shropshire Education Grant Fund Application. Form available on Messiah’s website, or from the church office.
  3. In order to qualify, applicant must be a member of Messiah Lutheran Church before January 1st of the year student will be entering school of higher learning.
  4. Applicants must complete Joan E. Shropshire Education Grant Fund Application by August 1st of the year of enrollment in Post-Secondary school.
  5. Applications will be returned to the church Business Manager for review.
  6. Education grant monies are only intended for tuition and/or related course books.
  7. Student must complete one semester before being awarded grant monies.
  8. Student will be required as part of the application process to submit a statement explaining his/her career plans to further education and a statement of faith.
  9. Student must take a minimum of six (6) credits from an accredited university, college or technical school each semester or trimester in order to be eligible for education grant.
  10. Online, web-based courses for credit from an accredited institution of higher learning will be allowed.
  11. Students must provide grade slips to show number of credits obtained for the semester.
  12. Student must successfully complete course work to meet minimum six (6) credit threshold.
  13. All decisions concerning this program and/or student eligibility made by the Messiah Executive Committee of the church council are final.

Click below for Application:

Joan E. Shropshire Educ Grant Fund Application