Weekly News for August 8  – August 14, 2022

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Our Instant Church Directory just came up for renewal and due to the fact that Realm will be available soon we decided not to renew for the next year. If you have tried to access the Directory online and were not able to get in, this is the reason. Realm will take the place of the Instant Church Directory so you will still have access to member’s contact information in the future.

In our July Column, we shared with you about Realm, our new church record keeping system. It primarily serves the administrative needs of our staff, but it also offers some exciting opportunities to support the way you are involved in our church. Not only will this improve work life for our ministry staff, it will make it easier for our church family to connect with each other, keep up with what’s going on, and grow as a connected community.

In mid-August (most likely August 15) all members and associate members (people who belong to Messiah but are also members of another church) of Messiah will receive an email with an invitation to join Realm.  If we do not have an email for you, an invitation can not be sent.

All Messiah members and associate members will be added to the Realm directory, so this system will also replace our Instant Church Directory. This is a closed system, so you do not need to worry about your privacy. Only people with a login will be able to access your contact information. Don’t worry if you do not have a computer. We will still have printed directories for those who need one. Please contact the office to request a printed directory.

How do I get started with Realm?

If you have an email address on file with the church, you have a profile waiting to be activated. To activate your profile and get started with Realm, you need to open an email with the subject line “Messiah Lutheran Church, Join our online community” Follow these steps to activate your profile:

  1. Open the email and follow the directions to create a password. You will then be sent a verification email.
  2. Open the verification email and click on the link to verify your account. Your profile is now activated!
  3. To log in to Realm, go to onrealm.org, and click on the Realm Sign In button.
  4. Enter your email address and the password you just created.
  5. Congratulations!! You are on Realm.
  6. If on a phone or tablet, download the APP for easy access.

I didn’t receive an email invitation. What do I do?

You may have received your email invitation and did not realize it. If you did not receive an email invitation, first please check your spam/junk folder. If the email invitation is not there, please contact Judy Armelin at ourchurch@messiahchurch.com and she will send you another invitation.

If you think the email address we have on file, could no longer be active, please email Judy to update your email address. If you did not receive an email invitation and you don’t have an email address on file, with the church, you will need to give Judy your email address.

FYI- Each profile is linked to a separate email address so that each individual receives emails and information for the groups they belong to. Therefore, two or more people cannot use the same email address.

If you have any questions, please call or send a message to the church office.

Christian Minimalism Book Study

Coming October 13-November 17, 6:30-8:00 PM, the Christian Minimalism book study. When you hear the word “minimalist” you think downsizing or decluttering, but it’s so much more. Christian Minimalism cuts through the assumptions about what life should look like and invites readers to live intentionally, free of physical, spiritual and emotional clutter. The author is Becca Ehrlich, an ELCA Pastor who spent months preparing for the minimalist lifestyle. Share her journey and inspiration for your own transformation. All are invited!

The cost of the book is $15.00. The Kindle version is $13.49 from Amazon, which you can purchase and download. A sign up will be on the kiosk starting next weekend. For questions contact Holly Tunak at chtunak@gmail.com.

Backpack – School Supply Collection

Messiah will be collecting school supplies for six (6) Madison schools as well as DAIS, Road Home and the Salvation Army. Our goal is to fill 140 backpacks.

Collection runs until August 7. School supplies are preferred, but if you cannot shop, we can shop for you.  Collection bins are in the Gathering Space.

A list of needed school supplies  are noted here, but will also be on the display table in the Gathering Space.

We are asking for name brand specific supplies because they last longer than the other brands and are well worth the money.

If you have any questions, please contact Pam Aldrich at 608-695-7934 or   p-taldrich@sbcglobl.net.

Bread Breakers is an adult fellowship opportunity. New groups for 2022-23 will form in September.  Please sign up on the Kisok in the Gathering Space to participate.

Groups of 6-8 may include both couples and singles, who take turns hosting each other for a meal in their homes.  You could be in a group with people you already know and/or others who will be new to you.    You share brunch, dinner or lunch, fancy or casual food, on whatever schedule works best for the group’s members.  The only rule is to have fun and get to know each other over food and conversation.

We’ll take all names received by mid-September and form groups, then send you a list of the people in your group with their contact information.  Once the groups are formed its members decide how to proceed.  One household will be assigned to make initial contact with others in the group.  You should get together with your group as you can, meeting in each home between Fall 2022 and late Spring/early Summer 2023.

To participate in 2022-23, sign up on the sheet posted on the kiosk in the Gathering Space at church, call Barb & Walt Herrod at 608-318-2129, or email the Herrods at bwhfam@gmail.com.  Also contact us if you want more details to help inform your decision about participating.

We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Ladies Lunch Bunch

We will be meeting on Wednesday, August 10 at 11:30 at the Green Lantern, 4412 Siggelkow Rd. McFarland, WI. We must be seated and ready to order at 11:30.  Sign up will begin on July 15 and will be posted on the Kiosk in the Gathering Space.  Women of any age are invited. If you have any questions, please contact Claire Gensch at (920) 319-6731.

FREE Cookouts:   6:00-7:30 pm   St. Mark’s Courtyard/Playground 

605 Spruce St. Madison, WI 53715

Please join us as we connect with our neighbors at St. Mark’s for Free Summer Cookouts. Our Friday Meal Chef, John Dunn, will be cooking for us.

We have invited “Celebrity Chefs” to join us for this opportunity to engage with the community:

  • August 25:  Madison Fire Chief Chris Carbon
  • September 22:  Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett

In case of rain, the meal will be served inside.

Senior Adult Ministry (SAM)

SAM Volunteers Needed to Label Cans – August 8, 22 and September 6,19, 2022

Second Harvest Food Bank is opening up their operations further and they have asked us to place labels on canned goods every other Monday from 12:30-3:30 pm. This is a project where we sit and visit as we label cans. It is a great way to meet Messiah people and help the food bank all at the same time. Bring your neighbor, friend, another family member. It is all for a good cause. To sign up, send an email to adultministry@messiahchurch.com

Save the Date – Saturday, August 13  or Virtual until August 14

No Fear All Fun Walk/Run – information on the Kiosk in the Gathering Space

Check out the website Here.

2022 Altar Flower Sign-Up

Please sign-up for the date(s) you would like to sponsor flowers for worship in 2022 by calling the office at 608-222-3833 or contact Judy via Email: ourchurch@messiah church.com.  Please include your phone number, any special colors you might want, and what you would like included in the bulletin. The cost is $35 for each date. If you would like to have the flowers you have sponsored, you can pick them up at church after the late service on Sunday or on Monday.  Please return the vase to the church so that we can keep the cost of the arrangements as low as possible.  Thank you.

Sunday School

We are eagerly hoping for a return to in-person Sunday School this fall for children who are 3 years old up to and including 4th grade. We look forward to learning together in our new educational space!

In order to make this a success, we need about 25 adults who can teach, lead the music, sub and help with special events. The time frame of the program is: we start the Sunday after Labor Day, end the last weekend in April, we have 3 weeks off at Christmas, 3 weeks off for spring breaks and Easter, and are off all summer.

 You do not have to be a certified teacher to be a successful Sunday School teacher. The lessons are outlined for you, and I will provide all the materials. This is not heavy theology by any stretch. It’s fun and laughter and reading about great people in the Bible and how we can be kind to one another.

 We are looking for women and men, adults and older teens, grandparents, parents, and those who just enjoy kids. We are also looking for musicians, for middle and high school volunteers and for people who can’t commit all year, but are interested in helping at special events.

Please think about if this ministry might be right for you. Teaching Sunday School is a great way to try out a future career and spruce up a resume for future teachers.

Contact Elizabeth at familyministry@messiahchurch.com or 608-235-6910 if you’d like to explore this volunteer opportunity.

Kennedy Adopt A School

Donation collection for Kennedy will still continue during the summer. An ongoing collection for clothing continues, specifically all sizes winter gear and small sizes sweatpants and sweatshirts, all gently used, clean items. Donations can be brought to Messiah and placed in the Kennedy School bin in the collection area by the Community Room. If you would like to donate, but are unable to shop, a monetary donation would be welcomed. Please make a check out to Messiah, on the memo line specifying Kennedy School clothing. If you have questions, contact Paula at pauladarr@gmail.com.

 Another way to help is to donate your time. The first step for anyone interested in volunteering at Kennedy Elementary School is to complete the sign-up forms found here.  In addition to a background check, volunteers must also participate in both live and online trainings and provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination. 

Dates below are for the START of your mowing week.

August 1 – Don Deutscher, Chris Brown, Ted Savides

August 8 – Rich Valenta, Glenn Schmitz, Lloyd Mennenga

August 15 – Jeff Trentadue, Pat Krebs, Chip Lewison

August 22 – Clyde Nyhus, Charlie Eastman, Keith Schlesinger

August 29 – Paul Hoel, Kay Hoel, Don Chisman

ELCA Social Statement Series – The Death Penalty

People have been asking where the ELCA stands on some very important topics.

Each month, we will be highlighting one of the ELCA’s Social Statements for our prayerful reflection. August’s Social Statement topic is The Death Penalty.

The Death Penalty stands in the Lutheran tradition recognizing that God entrusts the state with the power to take human life when failure to do so constitutes a clear danger to the common good. Never-the-less, it expresses ELCA opposition to the use of the death penalty, one that grows out of ministry with, and to, people affected by violent crime.

The statement acknowledges the existence of different points of view within the church and society on this question and the need for continued deliberation, but it objects to the use of the death penalty because it is not used fairly and has failed to make society safer. The practice of using the death penalty in contemporary society undermines any possible alternate moral message, since the primary message conveyed by an execution is one of brutality and violence. This social statement was adopted by the 1991 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.

The Death Penalty Summary

The Death Penalty Full Statement

Living Lutheran: “Gen Z and the Church”

“Young people in the church today know what they want from faith-based institutions,” writes Stephanie N. Grimoldby in the June/July issue of Living Lutheran. “If a church offers relationships, mentors, authenticity and political engagement, they’ll stay, often becoming leaders who will take to the streets to fight for what they believe.”

But if they don’t find the community and connection they crave, they won’t hesitate to change the dynamic of the institution or find another one that provides what they need. Learn more in the article and study guide about how Generation Z looks at the world and the church — and how we can show them that church is a space where they can belong.

Racial Justice Resource Information

For more information on the ELCA and Racial Justice, please check out this link.

Anti-Racism and Social Justice Resources
Messiah’s Summer 2022 Try 5 Racial Justice Calendar

Welcome to Summer 2022! The Messiah Racial Justice Team has been working hard to gather a list of opportunities for Messiah members to engage in our community. Human nature is to go where we feel the most comfortable and to avoid the unfamiliar, and this tends to lead to racial isolation.

This summer we challenge you to TRY 5 opportunities to build community connections by frequenting these local businesses and attending these local events, including the suggestion of attending a predominantly Black church at some point. Then we invite you to connect and share about your Summer 2022 Try 5 with each other on August 28th between services.  Click for Calendar.

August 6th; 12 pm-12 am

Black Arts Fest– Milwaukee

Week of August 7

Order some frozen pizza or salsa from Off the Block, located at FEED Kitchens, 1219 N. Sherman Avenue. You can place an order online and then pick it up. These items may also be for sale at Metcalfe’s Hilldale location.

August 9th

VOTING DAY (WI Primary Elections)

August 11

4:00-8:00 pm

Madison Night Market Top of State Street at Gilman Street, Madison 

Vendors showcase handmade products, local art, artisan gifts, prepackaged foods and fresh produce. The event includes live music, artists, special visiting food carts and pop-up restaurant experiences.

August 13

11:30 am -10:00 pm

The Pursuit of Happiness, Music at McPike Park, 202 S Ingersoll St, Madison, Raffle Ticket Sales benefit Madison’s Centro Hispano, the leading non-profit serving Latino’s in Dane County