Weekly News for August 2-8, 2021

Here’s the August Worship Volunteer Schedule: Aug 1 to Aug 31, 2021.rtf

Here’s the latest Messiah Newsletter:  July Column

Messiah 2020 Annual Report: Annual Report 2020 

Worship Assistants 

Saturday, August 7, 5:00 p.m:  Ushers: Joe & Sherri Neill  Reader:  Jeff Stadtmueller  Communion Assistants: Kathy Bultman, Chip Lewison, Gene & Susan Qualmann

Sunday,  August 8, 8:15 a.m Ushers: Team 6 Reader: Peggy Finnegan  Communion Assistants: Peggy Finnegan, Naoma Michaelis, Richard & Karen Shilts

Sunday, August 8, 10:00 a.m:  Ushers: Team A  Reader:  Katy Schweitz  Communion Assistants: Carla Fears, Ray Robinson, Joe Schraven, Mike Palovcsik

A Message From Bishop Joy

Eight years ago, this month, I participated in the Komen 3 Day in Boston to raise money for Breast Cancer research. At the time, my friend and fellow survivor, Valerie and I were celebrating our 7th year of survivorship. We were also walking in memory of our friends who had passed away.

~ Day 1: The first 20 miles were grueling. Perhaps especially so for me because I had knee surgery 4 weeks earlier and no time to train. I had blisters galore.

~Day 2: The next 20 miles, were slightly less grueling. The blisters grew larger, but I somehow learned to shut off the pain enough to walk the distance between rest stops. I focused on the scenery, the kindness of neighbors along the way who put out encouraging signs and engaged in conversation with people from around the country.

~Day 3: The final 20 miles, were the longest of all. We walked and we walked. Finally, we walked into Boston. It was breathtaking. We came to the end. We celebrated with our tennis shoes in the area and a rally cry of the funds that had been raised. Some may have said this is where the 3 day journey ended. That was not true.

Later that night a bus took me to my hotel. I remember with dismay that my room was far, far away from the registration desk. My feet were badly blistered. I could hardly navigate to get myself to the room. I could not wait to lie down. A hotel mattress never felt so glorious. I flew home the next morning and remember the agony of trying to walk through the airports. I was physically exhausted and emotionally spent. It would take me many years to integrate all that happened in those 3 days.

Perhaps this is also how some of us feel as this pandemic drags on.

~Day 1/Phase 1 was grueling. It was quarantine. We were not prepared. It came up quickly and we had no training to properly prepare us.

~Day 2/Phase 2 began and we somehow learned to deal with it. We all pivoted. We adapted. We found things to distract us. We also learned a lot of new things. Some of it was very, very good.

~Day 3/Phase 3 is the longest of all. We have been walking in this pandemic a long time. Vaccines arrived. Masks have mostly come off. Many have celebrated the end.  Some have said that the pandemic is over. This is not the truth.

The truth is that we are tired. The pandemic is not over. Cases are rising. The toll and the meaning of the pandemic on our lives, in our churches, and for our communities, is not even known yet. It will take us many years to integrate and understand all that has happened in these days.

However, friends in Christ. We are not alone! We are people of promise and hope. We have a God of unfailing love to walk each step with us and to renew us.  May this God of hope and peace strengthen and keep you this day, this week, and always! Bishop Joy

Our dinner group ministry is returning this fall under the leadership of Walt & Barb Herrod, and a new name, Bread Breakers.  There’s a sign up sheet on the kiosk with details about what’s involved with participating. Sign up by September 15th.

Messiah 2021 Backpack Project

Messiah will once again be collecting backpacks and school supplies to benefit a number of eastside schools and organizations. The Collection continues through August 15th.  You will find a list of the needed school supplies on the display table in the Gathering Space or you can download the list here: Backpack School Supply List.pub Bins for donations are located in the Gathering Space. Pam Aldrich is coordinating the collection. For questions contact: p-taldrich@sbcglobal.net.

What’s Your Passion?  What’s Your Purpose?

This past weekend, Pastor Jeff encouraged us to find our passion and purpose. We have many short-term and on-going opportunities for you, ranging from volunteering at services, to teaching our children to coordinating collections to serve the community. You can choose to be involved year round, certain weekends each month, or for a one-time project, to name a few options. Click here to view our Ministry Booklet: Messiah Ministries Booklet

If you feel called to serve in a volunteer capacity at Messiah, please contact Elizabeth, our Ministry Support Coordinator, at familyministry@messiahchurch.com.  Thank you for considering!

Update on Collection Projects:

Until further notice we will be placing a hold on our Circle of Support collection. We were told that they have enough supplies for now as not as many people are returning to Madison from incarceration and they are limited on storage. Thank you to all who have supported this effort.

We were told that The Road Home is in great need of donations. Their needs are as follows:

  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Laundry and dish detergent
  • Gift cards for gas and grocery
A New Opportunity to Serve

If you have a flair for interior design or would enjoy making the church look festive for special seasons, like Christmas and Easter, please consider joining the Liturgical Design Committee. More information to come in future months! Contact the office at 608-222-3833 if you are interested in helping!

Altar Ministry is Looking for Help

If you have been looking for a way to be involved at Messiah, please consider joining the very important Altar Ministry. Altar Ministry provides support to make weekly and special worship services run smoothly. This includes preparing and clearing the altar for worship services, preparing for communion, setting up for baptisms, taking care of linens, placing flowers, ordering supplies and responding to any special requests of Pastor Jeff.

We are especially looking for people to help at the 5:00 pm and 10:00/10:30 am services. You could serve a great need for our community by arriving 15-30 minutes before services or staying that long after a service just once a month!  Please contact Lynn at adamslynn0517@gmail.com or 608-445-4577 to learn more or express your interest.

Ketchum’s Got Your Six

Please join us at our online auction for Ketchum’s Got Your Six. Ketchum’s Got Your Six is a non-profit specifically geared to support Veterans suffering from  PTSD. Our mission is to raise awareness to the 20-22 Veterans that die by suicide daily. The funds we raise go to support the essential training needed for Veterans and their service dogs. 2021’s auction starts Monday night August 2nd, at 7:00 pm and runs through September 13th. We have six great weeks with new items every week. Please go to https://www.facebook.com/KetchumsRIDEOnlineAuction

Messiah Weekly Day of Prayer is Back

Jesus often went away to a quiet place to pray. You can too! Each Thursday from 8:00-1:00 p.m. you can spend a half hour in the prayer room or the sanctuary, if you are unable to do steps.  If  you are interested in signing up for a half hour slot, please call the office at 608-222-3833 or sign up on the kiosk.  Certainly our world can use more prayer and you may just need a little solitude time with Jesus, time to be still!

Flowers for Worship – There are still openings for September-December dates!

Please sign-up for the date(s) you would like to sponsor flowers for worship in 2021 by calling the office at 608-222-3833 or contact Holly via email: ourchurch@messiahchurch.com. If emailing, please include your phone number, any special colors you might want and what you would like in the bulletin.  The cost is $35 for each date. We do not accept additional amounts for larger bouquets. You may pay for the flowers close to the time of your chosen date. Thank you in advance for sponsoring the flowers to beautify our worship services!


The next “Taking a Faithful Stance for Equity” Zoom meeting will be on Monday, August 16, at 6:30 pm.  You can register here:  Faithful Stance for Equity Aug 16. It is exciting to see that more than 200 people have already taken the Equity Pledge.  People are doing Prayer Vigils, planning to speak at School Boards, and more.

On August 16, we will learn a little more from the experts in our midst, we’ll have a chance to hear about each others’ good work and to organize for even more. Together, we can build momentum for a movement that demands that we tell our children (and ourselves) the truth.  We can build a movement that calls on our country to become the great place it can be, not to pretend it is something it never was.

Please invite a friend to join us — we need to build!  And, invite a friend to sign the pledge:  https://www.wichurches.org/2021/07/17/taking-a-faithful-stand-for-equity-making-a-commitment-to-civic-engagement/  For more information contact David Liners, WISDOM, (414) 736-2099

Be The Change! Attend the Last Summer Learning Session!!

What: Learning through videos and articles, followed by discussion questions
and action steps.

Wednesday, August 25, 6:45-8:00 PM

Session 3: Interpersonal Oppression

Even if you missed the first two sessions, join us and bring a guest!

RSVP by completing the form at https://tinyurl.com/MessiahSummer21

Messiah Lutheran Church Lower Level Conference Room, Park behind the church and enter Door C.

OR you can attend via Zoom: https://madison-k12-wi-us.zoom.us/j/91783810677

Racial Justice Resource Information

There is so much going on in our city, country and the world with racism. These are volatile times!  Now is the time to educate yourself on Social Justice issues and the leaders of the racial justice group have developed a list of resources for you. Click here to access the list, which has been updated from the original list: Anti-Racism Social Justice Resources 7-2021