Here at Messiah Church there are so very many dedicated volunteers that make this church truly a home for all people. Along with these wonderful volunteers there are several part-time and half-time folks who make the day to day operations of the church run smoothly. Feel free to connect with any of our staff via their emails, the office email, or by calling the parish office (608) 222-3833. Our voice mail system will allow you to leave messages for many of our staff.

Rev. Jeff Vanden Heuvel, Lead Pastor

Tim CoulthartBusiness Manager

Clyde Nyhus, Coordinator of Music and Choir

Keith Schlesinger, Coordinator of Senior Adult Ministry

Rich Valenta, Facility Co-Manager

Dan Battist, Facility Staff

Rose Eilertson, Nursery Attendant

Judy Armelin, Executive Ministry Assistant

Elizabeth Crummy, Coordinator of Children and Family Ministry,  Ministry Support Coordinator

Teresa Palumbo, Coordinator of Youth and Family Ministry

Holly Tunak, Wedding Coordinator

John Nerad, Facility Co-manager

Larry Kaltenberg, Janitorial Services

Steve Cheramy, Video Recording