“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

-Proverbs 22:6

Hi Messiah Virtual Sunday School Families (and FYI to Teachers,)
Sunday School bags will be ready to be picked up inside the main doors as follows:
  • You can pick them up when Holly is in the office, 8 AM to 12 PM Monday through Friday starting this Thursday 1/7.
  • You can pick them up Monday 1/11 5:30-7:30 PM at the main doors.
  • If none of those times work, contact me at familyministry@messiahchurch.com or 608-235-6910 and we will figure something out.
These bags contain the materials for January through April. I thought it would be easier to do one pickup instead of your having to return multiple times.
Each month I will tell you which crafts to use, so please make sure to read each email!
This month’s featured stories are Simeon and Anna and The Boy at the Temple.
  • Perhaps read one the week of January 10th and the other the week of January 24th.
  • The stories come from
    •  Luke 2:22-40
      • Pages 226-229 Spark Story Bible (3K – 2nd Grades)
      • Pages 1130-1131 in the Spark Bible NRSV (3rd and 4th Grades)
    • Luke 2:41-52
      •  Pages 230-233 in the Spark Story Bible (3K – 2nd Grades)
      • Pages 1131-1132 in the Spark Bible NRSV (3rd and 4th Grades)

 If you want to follow our Sunday School class routines, here they are:

Part 1 Opening: 
We start together in the Community Room and sing. I have included a packet with words to a variety of Sunday School songs we have done in recent years. Here are 2 Youtube videos so your children can sing along with this month’s featured song:  Our God is an Awesome God and this one: Our God is an Awesome God.
You will notice in one of the videos that the song uses the word “awesome” as in fearful and awe-inspiring. When we sang the song, we focused more on the God is great meaning to awesome! There are many different versions of these songs. When we sing them, we often make word changes, or only sing the chorus, etc.
Part 2 Bible Story:
Then we go to classrooms and read the story. I have attached videos of me and Morgan Counts, a 3K teacher, reading the stories here:
Feel free to listen to them together, or do your own reading. Share your ideas about how the story helps us today.
The Bible gives us very little information about Jesus as a child: he’s born, he is a baby, then suddenly he is 12! It might be fun as a family to think about “What might Jesus have been like as a child?” For that matter, what was it like to be any child 2,000 years ago? Childhood, for people fortunate to survive infancy, was a relatively short time as children were married young and started working as soon as possible–in a trade like carpentry, as a parent preparing food, raising children, etc.. Life was hard and everyone needed to participate in the economy ASAP. Jesus himself was trained as a carpenter, like his father Joseph.
Ask your children to share what they think: what did they like about the story, what did they learn, is there any word or idea that they are wondering/curious/worried about. How would you have reacted if you knew you met the baby who was God’s special child? Have you ever had to wait a long time for something that was important to you? How did you feel while you waited? How did you feel when you received it?
Part 3: Craft
The bags are filled with 4 months of crafts, so please read carefully what crafts to use when. Each craft has a link (below) so you can see an example of what the finished craft could look like.  Feel free to use the general supplies that were sent home in the October bags to extend the craft ideas or to allow kids to be creative and do their own thing.
Simeon and Anna
    The Boy at the Temple
    One of the reasons that families went to the temple was to make offerings. These were to bring blessings on themselves and also to provide for the poor and the upkeep of the temple. I was thinking that your family might want to think about what kind of gifting you have the capacity to do over the next few months between now and Easter. since we won’t be together to collect money for the animals in God’s Global Barnyard.
    Perhaps there is an organization you support, maybe you know of an individual or another family who needs some help. You could collect some money, or if that is not an option, what might you do to help a neighbor, while staying socially distanced: can you shovel their snow, bring them a meal, run to the grocery store for them if they are sick, etc. For example, just before winter break, my family cooked a bunch of lasagnas and delivered them to our neighbors so they had a ready meal to pull out whenever they needed it.
    Here are some collection boxes. If you choose to collect for a charity, I will leave it to you to send the donation, we will not have a group collection. If you gift acts of kindness, put a note about them in the box as well! If you recently donated to our Christmas Collections like pudding, hats and mittens, gift cards for the Road Home or the YWCA or the Baby Jesus Birthday Party, maybe write that down and add it to the box.
    Part 4: Extension for At Home-Learner Leaflets
    • Last month you received the Winter Learner Leaflets. Refer to those for the pages for Simeon and Anna and The Boy at the Temple. Save the John the Baptist ones for next month, but feel free to use any of the others in the winter packet. DO NOT OPEN the spring ones yet, however!
    Part 5-Family Pages and 2 more ideas
    Attached are the family pages I typically send home via email with extensions to do as a family.
    Have fun!