“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

-Proverbs 22:6

Hi Messiah Virtual Sunday School Families (and FYI to Teachers,)

This month’s featured stories

This month we focus on the The Last Supper and a collection of stories that describe the events of Holy Week.

  • You are always welcome to do the stories and activities whenever they work for your family.
    • Perhaps you want to do them both during Holy Week which is the week of March 28th.
    • Maybe you would like to do them earlier so the Messiah streamed services that you might watch will make more sense.
    • Maybe you want to continue the other week schedule and do one the week of March 7th and one the week of March 21st.
  • The Last Supper appears in all 4 gospels:
    • Matthew 26: 17-30, Mark 14: 10-32, Luke 22:14-28 and John 13:1-20.
    • It is interesting to read the same story from more than one storyteller to see how they are the same and how they differ, so you might want to try that this month if you have time.
    • The Spark Story Bible creates a story based on all the stories, but perhaps resembles the story told in John the most. We chose to scan and read the section from Mark from the NRSV. So, the readings are found on:
      • Pages 462-467 in the Spark Story Bible (3K – 2nd Grades)
      • Page 1120-1121 in the Spark Bible NRSV (3rd and 4th Grades)
    • The stories about Holy Week in the Spark Story Bible are titled Jesus is Betrayed, Christ the King and The Day Jesus Died.
      • Jesus is Betrayed appears in Matthew 26: 31-75, Mark 14: 32-72, and Luke 22: 32-71.
      • Christ the King appears in Matthew 27: 11-31, Mark 15: 1-15, Luke 23: 1-25 and John 18: 33-37
      • The Day Jesus Died appears in Matthew 27: 27-66, Mark 15; 21-47, and Luke 23: 26-56.
      • There are more stories in John as well, but the ones listed above are the main ones referred to in our curriculum.
        • They are found on pages 468-481 of the Story Bible (3 years through 2nd graders.)
        • We recorded the stories from Mark and they are found on pages 1121-1122,  1122-1123 and 1123-1124 in the Spark Bible NRSV (3rd and 4th Graders.)

 If you want to follow our Sunday School class routines, here they are:

Part 1 Opening: 

We start together in the Community Room and sing. Refer to the blue song packet in your bag for the words to this month’s featured song:  Change My Heart, Oh God

Part 2 Bible Story:

Then we go to classrooms and read the story. I have attached recordings of me and Morgan Counts, a 3K teacher, reading the stories here.

  • There are a lot of pronouns in here, so I substituted a lot of names to make it more clear.
  • I had to speed up at the end as my 5 minutes was running out!

Feel free to listen to them together, or do your own reading.

I can remember being deeply affected by these stories as a child, deeply upset whenever they were read in church. It seemed so incomprehensible to me that “they” would want to harm Jesus, who had been doing all these wonderful things to make everyone’s lives better. It is your family’s decision as to how you explain this, but some possible thoughts to share:

  • Jesus was killed by the religious and Roman rulers because he taught people much differently than they did, and many people were beginning to listen to Jesus instead of them. So they killed him.
  • However, the most surprising thing happened. A few days later Jesus was alive again! They killed him, but he came back to life even better than he was before. So the rulers failed; they killed Jesus to get rid of him but he came back again to live forever.
  • Jesus overcame death so now we know that we will also overcome death some day and live forever like Jesus does. So death is not nearly so scary as it used to be.
  • Using language that they understand, start talking to your kids about what happened to Jesus on Good Friday. Keeping in mind that too much graphic detail isn’t necessary to convey Jesus’ acts of love and sacrifice. Death might not be fully comprehensible to a young child. They’ve heard about people, maybe even pets, dying but may have never personally experienced such an event. And even if they have, it often does not make sense.

Part 3: Craft

If you are following the emails each month, your bag should have 4 crafts left in it, 2 for March and 2 for April. I have attached links so you can see an example of what the finished craft could look like.  Feel free to use the general supplies that were sent home in the October bags to extend the craft ideas or to allow kids to be creative and do their own thing.

The Last Supper

Holy Week

Part 4: Extension for At Home-Learner Leaflets

  • Please see the Spring Learner Leaflet packets for extra activities related to these stories.
  • Please save The Empty Tomb and the Road to Emmaus as those are for next month. Feel free to use any others, however.
Social Ministry Collection

In January, the Sunday School children were asked to choose an organization to support over the next few months since we will not collect for God’s Global Barnyard together. If you are still considering a place to support, consider supporting JustDane.

Just Dane offers a program called Circles of Support. This program provides a basket of household supplies to people recently released from incarceration. Our Messiah Social Ministry Committee has adopted this new project for 2021 and is collecting:

Wash cloths, bath towels, hand towels

Razors, shaving Cream

Dish soap

Facial tissues

Spray cleaner (multi surface)

Kitchen towels, dish cloths

Kitchen size garbage bags

This will be an ongoing collection, so as you are shopping, please consider picking up some of these items. We will have a bin in the collection area by the Community Room.